About CinderCatty



My name is Catty, I’m  23 years old and have just finished my degree. I’m currently on a gap year taking some time to get comfortable existing as an adult by moving back in with my parents in South London, working in retail and spending my evenings watching Gilmore Girls in my childhood bedroom.

In an attempt to avoid big life choices and to justify my exorbitant spending on life’s luxuries I set up CinderCatty, a blog that indulges a few my favourite things; beauty, lifestyle, organisation and creativity.

Over the past few years I’ve taken a key interest in the world of beauty and style, I’ve moved flat several times and so have keen eye for interiors on a student budget and I’ve watched an awful lot of stand up so will hopefully be able to add the occasional witty comment to the mix.

Really I’m just looking for a network of like-minded people, those who enjoy luxuries on a budget, getting creative and finding inspiration for new projects. I hope that you enjoy the content I post, I’m really new so it is going to take me a little time to find my place in cyberspace. Let me know if you like what you’re reading, there is something else you would like to see or if I should just pack it in now and sell my laptop for scrap.

Thank you for your time and support,

Catty xo