Summer Beauty Essentials – Skin, Hair and Makeup


While for the most part I am still locked away in my revision tower there are a few rays of summer sun poking their way through to me and it’s got me thinking about my summer must-have beauty items. While my winter make up is a little more daring in summer my aesthetic is more aimed at looking fresh and healthy, I wear a little more makeup than the no-makeup makeup looks favouring pink and nude lips in the summer months and quite often I look more like a dewy weed than the sun goddess I aspire too but there a few products I use daily to give me that fresh summer glow. Here are 5 products I favour in the summer months as I make the transition from libraries and exam halls into beer gardens and sun beds.

P.s. Sun protect Clear Spray with Coconut Water  -SPF 30 – €5.00 IMG_4377

Part of me is hesitant to share this find with you just on the million to one chance this post goes viral and it sells out everywhere. Just in case I went to Penny’s before posting this and got 3 bottles. After an unfortunate strappy sports bra sunburn incident, I was taking no chances this summer when it came to body SPF, I am always pretty careful with my face but it is so easy to forget that when going out for the day even when the activity isn’t outdoors the sun can still get you. I flipping love this product, which is proof that the best sunblocks don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It smells amazing is quick and easy to apply, water resistant and non-greasy. Dublin has been blessed with some sunny days recently so I’ve been taking my revision outside and this product has been really great, the application is so easy and the spray nozzle means I don’t need someone else to do my back. It is also available in SPF 50 which I will invest in when I go on holiday. I really hope this is a long live product for Primark because I’m not sure how I will go on without it. I also hope it’s one I can get a hold of when I’m back in London because I’m not sure how many bottles I can get in my case home. Good SPF protection is vital for your health and comfort in the summer months and Primark is making it too easy for you.

Pixi skintreats – Sun Mist SPF 30 – £18 IMG_4378

A little more on the high-end side of SPF protection but this face mist from Pixi is a permanent fixture on my dressing table come the summer months. It is important to always have some SPF on your face even during the winter months but most of the time I rely on the SPF in makeup or skincare products. As soon as the sun pops out I switch to a more industrious SPF base every day. The Sun mist from Pixi makes the perfect primer for a dewy fresh makeup looks and can be reapplied over the top of makeup for a refresh and top up of SPF.

nb. try to avoid getting it in your eyes because it stings like a mofo.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – £8.99IMG_4376

This is a product  I use occasionally in winter although admittedly in a lighter shade. When sporting a (fake) tan I opt for the shade 200 in the light-medium coverage foundation. I know a lot of people prefer a BB cream or tinted moisturiser in the summer but that just isn’t enough coverage for me personally. This foundation opts for brightening and anti-fatigue look and provides a semi-dewy finish for that fresh sun goddess look. It is more lightweight than other Rimmel foundation but covers enough of my skins ‘character’ while still allowing for freckles to show through which I like. Used with a lightweight brightening concealer ( I like this one from Bourjois)  it gives a very natural and glowy summer skin.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan – £4.99IMG_4379

Last year I reviewed the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse Matte which remains my favourite and go to fake tan for ease of application, lack of giveaway scent, matte appearance and non-transferability… However, as a fake tan, it goes a bit grubby after a week and requires a tan-tox for optimal reapplication. This is fine for nights out and special occasions but during bare leg season, I wanted something a bit more consistent. This tan is really affordable and easily applied. The colour is decent and while I wish it came in a matte finish the shimmer isn’t overwhelming. It is a little tricky at first to avoid watsit hand syndrome but if you moisturise hands, knees elbows and any other thirsty skin beforehand you should come out the other side with a decent, not patchy skin glow.

Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Dye 8G Medium Honey Blonde – £8.99


I have been using this hair dye in the summer for about 4 years now, although they recently rebranded the packaging which left me frantically searching the shelves in boots looking for the model I recognised because of course I never took note of my shade. This is probably the step I introduce earliest in the year as I make the transition from whatever winter brunette shade I have opted for. It takes a couple dye jobs to get to the blonde (in reality ginger) that I end up in September, but as the sun creeps out it helps lighten the hair and lifts the colour. I’ve used a lot of dyes in the past but this was my first permanent kit and was way less daunting than I initially thought. It is also far less damaging than I feared with my hairdresser informing me that my hair is no longer on death’s door after teenage years spent straightening, backcombing and generally frazzling my hair. Changing my hair colour is something I have always been very laid back about and a lighter look helps lift my spirits into summer.

Let me know in the comments what summer products you use and love, or what steps you introduce to help yourself feel more with the season

Catty xo


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