Scent Sensation – 3 Perfumes, 3 Price points

A person’s scent can be so personal and revealing of their personality. Have they gone for something sweet or deep, fresh or intense? For a long time I was insistent that I would have a signature smell, would wear nothing but one perfume and it would become iconic to my self-presentation. In my early teens, this scent was¬†Something about Sofia¬†by Benefit, a now discontinued scent that is pretty much exactly what you would expect a 14y/o to pick out. For my 18th birthday, I was taken to Chanel by my Uncles and had the most luxurious¬†experience of my life. It was indulgent and exciting, I found the perfect scent and was obsessed¬†from then on. However, when you are insistent on only ever having one signature smell you can go through bottles pretty fast and Chanel doesn’t come cheap.

The feeling of smelling good and fresh should never be understated so it’s important that it is an attainable goal even when you can’t charge Chanel to your card every couple months. Working over summer and even during revision season I realised the impact a fresh scent could have on my mood. Slopping in retail or cramming in the library hardly seemed like valuable¬†uses of my precious Chanel, so I branched out¬†in search of more affordable smells that could keep me feeling refreshed throughout the day.

So here are my top three scents at three very different price points:

  1. Polka eau de toilette White edition  РPrimark £6 100mlDSC_0014

This is my go to for work days, it has a really fresh and fruity smell that is perfect for spring/summer. The scent is very long lasting especially considering the price. The bottle is small enough to pop in a handbag and attractive enough to earn a place on a dressing table. Overall while this isn’t my all time favourite scent in the world it keeps my mood up while I’m restocking shelves or spending my days in the library.

      2. Pure Seduction РVictoria secret body mist £16 250mDSC_0015l

This one is a little pricier but the smell is worth every penny. I will admit that I have never actually¬†paid full price for one myself though. I pass through airport duty-free every couple months where they have a consistent offer of 3 for ¬£20 mix & match across the entire mist collection, this includes any of the mists, body lotions, hand cremes etc. I really like scent collections where you can incorporate the smell into your whole routine, I’ve used the mist, shower gel, moisturiser pretty much the whole range at this point. I also own several others of the body mists which are lovely although Pure seduction is my favourite. It’s a more rich scent than my Primark perfume but isn’t too heavy to wear. The victoria secrets have become my day to day scent choice, the smell maybe doesn’t last all that long. But I do love that with my collection I can pick a scent to match my style that day.

3. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre РChanel £88 100mlDSC_0020

This scent is everything. Makeup, clothes, jewellery nothing I have ever worn gets as many compliments as this scent when I wear it. This is another range where you can get loads of different products in the same scent, which I love. It’s hard to describe what makes this scent so special, I think initially it’s attached to some really happy memories of the day I got it, they say that scent is a huge tool for¬†evoking memories. But apart from that, its feels sophisticated but still youthful, special and indulgent. Now my special occasion scent, because you’ve seen the price tag attached. I almost prefer it that way, when I was wearing it every day I would put it on without thinking. Now every time I get ready for a night out or an event ¬†I smell it and really appreciate it’s luxury.

The power of smell is huge, it changes our mood, evoke strong memories and can perfectly accessorise the days look. Let me know in the comments some of your favourite scents and how they make you feel.

Catty xo


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