River Island sale – Bag Grab

I’ve been in the market for a backpack for a good long while now but I can be quite specific about my specs so it has been a long a unfulfilling quest. I’m very security anxious so while I have found many backpacks that I like the look of, without a secure zip I was never going to be sold on one. I think backpacks are really practical, they allow for hands-free behaviour, spread weight evenly and hold more than your standard shoulder bag. But between style, price and security I could never find the perfect fit.

But then …… the River Island end of season sale 💜💚💙

I wasn’t actually in store to shop for myself. I was shopping with a male person who needed a larger bag for travel, the men’s section had backpacks and holdalls as low as €9 down from much much more. River Island bags are sturdy and stylish so upon seeing the men’s bargains I simply had to check out the situation in the women’s department. That is when I found this beauty.

Here is the thing. I am not even 15% as edgy or alt as I wish I could be, but sometimes shopping in trendy places makes me brave. I look at this bag every five minutes, lying there innocently on my bed and it’s such a love-hate relationship. I think that it is lovely and perfect and my best purchase of 2017, but then I also think that it is too loud and garish and I will never use it ever. But here I am €18 down (originally €43) and at the time of blogging in a love phase with the bag.

Brief specs; I was drawn to the bag because it is big enough to fit make-up, camera, water bottle and basics without offering the potential to be over filled and get heavy. Basically, it is the perfect size for adventures and travelling. It has two exterior zips for large and small pockets plus a zipped inside pocket for valuables. It feels sturdy and waterproof, was affordable but stylish. The straps are thin and adjustable and best of all can be converted and used as a shoulder bag. This feature sealed the deal for me, meaning I could carry it closer or across the body on public transport or very busy places.

I am super chuffed with this purchase (I think). I did manage to refrain from buying the matching wallet and make-up bag but I won’t lie it was a close call. So if you live near or commute past a River Island I really recommend stopping in for a peruse in the accessories department, it had great value stuff in both the women’s and the men’s sections.

Let me know in the comments if this bag was more love or hate for you or if you know what I mean about having that many emotions about an accessory.

Catty xo


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