Apple watch- Review

TLDR:  I love it – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Stylish, discreet, functional and addictive. 

I think reviews of gadgets you have to wait a little while after getting them to write. When we first get someone like a new phone, laptop, smart watch we can be wowed by the gadgetry of it all, it is super exciting to download every available app or buy every accessory but how well upon first purchase can we actually say if it was worth the money. I received my apple watch 6 months ago (A 21st birthday gift from lovely humans)  and have used it pretty much on a daily basis, only now do I feel comfortable sharing my review with you. It’s not that I didn’t love it then or have grown not to love it, but I really believe that it takes a little while to integrate into your daily routine. I also ran an experiment over the last ten days where I reverted away from my smartwatch and back to the good old analogue to see if I really did miss it or if I was just that I had gotten used to it there.

So I was sceptical just like the rest of you when I first saw the watch released. But as soon as I saw they did one in rose gold I was hooked. I have smaller screen one that came with the lilac strap. I really think that going for the 38mm is the best choice, it’s a monetary saving and I think for me personally the 42mm would look too bulky on my wrist and the extra 4mm isn’t going to offer much in terms of screen quality. My boyfriend usually insistent on going large or going home actually also ended up going for the smaller size after trying both on, so I really recommend going and trying them on yourself before making your final decision. I didn’t love the sports strap it came with but managed to get one of the metal/magnetic ones in rose gold from Amazon for £8 so was happy enough.

I’m not a massively sporty person so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of the watches functionality. But what I have found is that the more health-focused features of the watch have defiantly pushed me to improve my fitness outside of the gym in everyday life. I take the stairs, make sure I’m active every hour, push myself to meet my activity and exercise goals every day. I may not be drinking kale smoothies or carrying protein powder around in a Tupperware box but I can now make it to the fourth floor of the library without losing my breath (or taking the lift). I also love the sleep tracker, the app Pillow is my favourite for this, I’ve also tried a Fitbit and I actually think the apple watch offers a better analysis of sleeping pattern.

One thing I would say is that the watch is only at its best when you know someone else with an apple watch, just for a couple of the features or if you know people with iPhones. I have also only used the free apps that can come through the app store, so I’m really only at the tip of the iceberg with its functionality. I would also say that the watch is only as good as the apps that are compatible with it, we are only really going to see more from the watch as more developers start designing for it.

One thing I do love about it is that I don’t have to carry my phone everywhere, I’m not one to have my phone glued to my side and the connectivity of the watch is strong enough that I can wander around my house and still stay connected. Really I was surprised by how much use I get out of the watch on a daily basis, it’s great for discreetly checking messages in meetings, using the timer function when cooking, the activity functions keep me active and there is a really wide range of setting to help make the interface of the watch personal to you.

It would be very easy to shrug off the apple watch as a piece of useless gadgetry, but I don’t think that’s fair. I use my watch daily for multiple functions and genuinely miss it when I’m not wearing it. I’m really looking forward to further development from the app store and to see what else it has to offer. It is so much more than just a health tracker. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the apps I use or about the watch in general, or if there are any great apps you think I should be using

Catty xo


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