This is just a little post to share with you a product I have really been loving over the last six months. I originally fell into with these little beauties when I was given one as a gift by a family member. She gave me one in silver with the mantra Wish Dream Believe. I am a fan of simple jewellery that can go with a lot of looks, so I loved the sleek look of these bangles. I have quite small wrists so I think that bangles are the most flattering type of wrist wear, I also loved that the bands can be easily squeezed tighter so that they stay on your wrist rather than falling up and down your arm. I was working in retail over summer and found the bands unobtrusive which was a huge plus for me.

I got so many compliments on the style of the band and was so happy with the gift. The only drawback was that while the message was lovely it wasn’t very personable to me. So I got to googling and found the Mantraband¬†website and that’s when my obsession started. Not only are these bracelets only $25 a pop (when you see the quality in person you know this is a bargain) but they are also available in gold and rose gold ($35). I so far have only got silver bands but there is a part of me that is kicking myself for not shelling out the extra $10 for the rose gold. So I’m exploring the website, looking for a mantra that really appeals to me and as fussy as I am I found it difficult to narrow down the list. Well, it was free international delivery for orders over $100, so naturally, I ordered four.

I suffer from quite bad anxiety and have been making a conscious effort to push myself out of my comfort zone. I think like a lot of young people I am getting quite stressed out that I should have a clearer idea of what I’m doing in my life but I am a fierce believer in Karma and positive thinking. So these are the bands I ended up with:

She believed she could, so she did

Though she be but little she is fierce

Have courage and be kind

Not all who wander are lost

These are the mantras that really appealed to me but they have so much more, the site is divided into categories there are bands focussed of love, positivity, peace, strength etc. There are loads that take inspiration from pop culture, like the Just keep swimming. Some are more general Namaste, but others are fiercely specific like the one with the AA mantra on it. Initially, I loved these bands because they made a super cute accessory but now they mean a lot more to me. They are a daily reminder of the things I want from myself. What was a little treat myself purchase on payday is now a daily reminder to push myself to be better.

These bands are also available¬†for men, there is a more limited mantra selection but I brought one as a gift for my bf and it went down a treat. The men’s¬†bands are $35 and only available in silver but they are a little thicker and ‘tougher’ looking. For me buying these bands was an incredibly personal experience and forced me to really think about what was important to me. But I also think they make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for those you care about. While on the surface they are a stylish accessory, the mantra you choose for someone else could be very reflective of your relationship. Also upon writing this blog and going to the website I’ve seen that they’ve added necklaces to their product list so if they aren’t a bracelet kind of person Mantrabands could still have a great gift option for them (gift cards are also available if you love the concept but don’t trust yourself to pick someone a mantra).

Just a little bit on the ordering process, Mantraband offer ¬†a points system with ordering that can get you discounts on future purchases (n.b. if you do order after reading this post use this link to snag yourself 5% off your first purchase¬†) you can grab points through liking them on insta or referring friends so it’s really easy to save a bit of money on an order. If you are ordering from the UK like I was, be aware that there is the potential for a customs charge on the package because it comes from the US but this really shouldn’t put you off purchasing, they are reasonably priced as is and if you’re getting free shipping just look at the customs charge as P&P.

Mantrabands are high quality, versatile and affordable accessories that would make  a great gift from you to you or to someone you love.

I know this post comes off a lot like a PR plug but I promise you that I am a totally independent reviewer. I’ve received no incentive or contact from anyone about this brand. I just really loved the product and wanted to share it with you.¬†

Let me know in the comments what your mantra would be and remember although it may be a bit clichéd the world was never made worse from a little more positivity and optimism.

Catty xo


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