Once you go MAC you never go back

I don’t really want to call it a guilty pleasure but MAC lipsticks are definitely a go to treat yourself product when it comes to an individual makeup item for me. At a standard £16.50 a pop they can certainly feel like a once in a while purchase but as someone who is frequently headed through airport security, duty-free prices as low £12 can be hard to resist. We all go through phases with makeup, we can enjoy luxurious brands, steer more towards the cheap and the cheerful,  be looking for a subtle nude or an in your face red. I personally think MAC can cover pretty much whatever look you’re after while providing a happy medium in regards to price, while asking for no compromise on quality.

I have been buying makeup for the past ten years, in that time I’ve used lipsticks from £1 – £25, ranging from Natural Collection to Rimmel, to Chanel. Each has had it’s pros and cons and for a long time, I was content with Kiko as my no.1 lipstick provider, but as exciting as their limited collections are I hated not being able to rebuy my favourite colours. But for the last 18 months and at least the foreseeable future, it is all MAC all the time for me and I’m gonna tell you why.

Lipstick is one of those items that it is more acceptable to own 50 of, there are endless shades, finishes and undertone combinations that mean it is impossible to run out of design possibilities. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to buy the same lipstick twice. I have a definite attraction towards a nude lip, but when you shop in seven different brands it is entirely possible that you buy the same colour twice, this is a waste of money. I have had many people come over to my flat and see all of my MAC lips displayed in their pretty little stand and said oh my god how much are you spending. But my argument is that by buying from all the same brand, I can avoid the pitfall of buying identical shades, I might be spending a couple pounds more per bullet but I am ensured not to be duplicating within my collection.

Moreover, CinderCatty the blog stems from my love of order, design and routine. I spend an awful lot of my disposable income of makeup and from that perspective, I don’t want it all shoved away in a draw. I like co-ordination and matching and general neatness. So having all my lipsticks stood in a row, matching and neat makes me smile every time I look. A guitarist buys stands, a stamp collector has books, so why the hell shouldn’t I take pride in all my matching lipsticks standing neatly in containers with one another.

In addition, while I avoid duplicate buying I also avoid impulse purchases. I keep a very keen eye on the MAC releases and have a wish list of upcoming purchases, I keep a note in my phone and make sure I’m spending my makeup budget in a thought out way. I am constantly drawn to the Boots sales, a cheeky 3 for 2 or a buy one get one half price, this tends to be where all of us make our impulse purchases, often in a treat yo’ self-moment. But by exclusively using MAC lipsticks I am never even tempted to pick up other brands products even when they are on offer. It is these kinds of purchases that often lead to buyer’s remorse.  It sounds like weird logic but exclusively buying MAC lippy it has definitely cut out my wasteful tendencies with makeup.

So why MAC? Well while I believe in shopping around and often buying budget, MAC really cannot be beaten for quality when it comes to their lipsticks. I mostly go for the Matte colours but I’m also partial to a creme sheen or lustre lip. The colour payoff and lasting power is exceptional and they have a really diverse range of colours. Also for those of you that don’t buy MAC often, you should know about their Back to MAC scheme, if you bring 6 emptied MAC containers you get a free lipstick of your choosing,  definitely worth doing. They also bring out limited edition collections all the time meaning they’ll nearly always have the trendy colour you’re looking for.

Makeup purchases are almost guaranteed to make me smile if I’ve had a bad day there is nothing I love more than to update my Boots wishlist or browse beauty bay for bargains. But I also hate waste or to feel like I’ve spent money poorly. By buying from only one brand with lipsticks I’m never buying the same colour twice and I get the aesthetic reward of symmetry on my dressing table, like beautifully pigmented soldiers lined up in a row. It doesn’t matter what brand you choose as your lipstick representative but there are certainly benefits to being exclusive with your brand. The only thing I would say is to make sure that whatever brand you choose has an extensive range of colours to choose from. Kiko, Rimmel, Chanel, ELF and Colorpop all do amazing lipsticks in a range of prices. So if like me you love to treat yourself but hate buyers remorse, pick one brand and stick with it.

Let me know in the comments your favourite MAC shade or if like me you have that one go-to brand for your lipstick needs.

Catty xo


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