Summer Crops – Primark Find

So a lot of the time we find ourselves wandering the maze of Primark (or Pennys to my Irish readers) thinking “What the hell were they thinking?”, some of the items are so out there or so strange that we wonder why we even shop there in the first place. But then we see it the diamond in the rough and it makes it all worthwhile.So that was me today, 9 am caffeine buzz on determined to strike gold before the crowds hit, but despite finding a freshly stocked shelf of the pineapple and coconut diffusers I wasn’t really having all that much luck. But then across the room a beckon of hope, the spring/summer collection in all its glory.

There are some really lovely pieces this year so definitely, check it out if you haven’t already. I haven’t done a full explore as it still feels a little too early in the year to be trying on flipflops and sunhats, but I had major FOMO when I saw these crop tops, so naturally I bought one in every colour.

I picked these summer beauties up in Pennys for €4.50 each, as far as I can see they aren’t out in the UK yet but watch this space because I have a feeling they will be pretty popular. There were a couple reasons why I couldn’t resist picking one up in each colour. Firstly for my style they seem pretty timeless, like I will never not love a cute crop in the summer months. They weren’t tight or restrictive to movement in and are slightly longer than your average crop meaning that if you aren’t 100% confident with your stomach out these tops can still be for you.

So one top, four colours could seem pretty decadent, and that is mostly definitely true and maybe this extravagance was down to my all caffeine no nutrition breakfast, but I had a thought process behind it I swear. The green and the black will make great additions to both my summer casual and my year round night on the town outfits, I read in vogue that pink is this years on trend colour (move aside camel tones and say hello candy floss) and the white, well the white was just super cute and imagine it with a tan! When making this kind of purchase I like to make sure I can think of at least two outfits for each colour and no matter what bottom half I put in the equation this top came out a winner; black jeans, denim shorts, leather skirt, dungaree dress, etc, etc, etc. So I splurged and got all four, it seems wild now but really in Topshop, New Look, Forever 21 I would very happily spend €18 on one top. Plus I have this classic habit of not buying things initially, umming and ahhing for three weeks then going back and they’re out of stock and I hate myself. So no. I bought all four and I’m so pumped to start wearing them.

So I guess the point of this post is a) get down to your nearest Pennys/Primark because the spring/summer collection is to die for and b) if you see a little item that is the right fit, style and price for you there is no shame in buying it in every available colour.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a follow-up post on how I styled this top and let me know how you would wear it, forever searching for style inspo

Catty xo


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