Skincare Survival

A few months ago I attended a makeup class that was supposed to teach me pretty much everything I needed to know about making my face look good. As it turns out it actually wasn’t that great a class for makeup instruction but one thing it did do was teach me the importance of skin care and the little things that we all do that aren’t helping our skin in any way. I am a big believer that make up is an art form and to get a good result you must look after your canvas. I’ve heard it’s a very twenty-something thing to finally realise the importance of looking after your skin. Maybe it’s because as we get older we realise that breakouts are for life not just for puberty, or because we notice our first wrinkle and are prepared to do pretty much anything that stops premature ageing. Maybe you haven’t had these realisations yet, or you have never had skin problems so can’t relate to anything I’m saying right now. But for me this was a pretty big process and as when planning this post I actually really struggled to edit down the points I wanted to make, so if you enjoy reading it and found it useful please let me know because I definitely have a sequel in me.

My first piece of advice is really just to get to know what type of skin you have. This takes 5 minutes of internet research and will change the way you buy products forever. I diagnosed my skin type using Pixiwoo, the Chapman sisters are great beauty bloggers and really emphasise the importance of skincare for a strong look. It really doesn’t matter what type of skin you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive as long as you know. Buying makeup, cleansers, cremes without knowing your skin type is like buying foundation without looking at the colour,  pointless and a waste of money. This is a two stage piece of advice, its not enough to know your skin type you have to shop for it to. Pay attention to the small print on a bottle of cleanser, make sure you buy one thats going to do the job you need. If you don’t feel confident in finding your own skin type or picking the products for you I beg you to ask in a shop. As someone who has worked in retail, I promise you that as long as you’re polite shop assistants loved to be asked questions, I think especially those who work on makeup and skincare counters in Boots, House of Fraser etc, they are trained to help you with this kind of thing and must be so frustrated watching people buy things that are wrong for their needs. So ask someone, please!

Once you’ve established what your skin needs its time to really nail down a skincare regime and try to make it part of your daily routine. Your routine can be as in depth as you like but try to ensure you include steps that will: Remove dirt/make up, cleanse your skin, tone and finally moisturise. Depending on you’re personal skin needs you might need to add or remove certain steps. I really like Garnier as a skincare brand, they are affordable, offer a wide selection of products and easy to get a hold of if your unexpectedly staying over night somewhere or need to pick up extras at the airport.

  • It’s really important that you wash your face everyday even if you haven’t been wearing make up, throughout the day we build up so much dirt and oil on our faces that can clog our pores and cause nasty spots, this isn’t anything we’re doing wrong it just happens with the trials of the day from touching our faces, the weather, cooking etc. So while it feels like a lot of effort on those no effort days, make sure you are keeping up with your cleansing, toning and moisturising.
  • Avoid makeup wipes at all costs! I know its quick and cheap and tempting but they don’t do you skin any favours, the cheap ones can be really chemical and harsh on your skin and the actual motion of the wipe can cause wrinkles in later life. This was a tricky transition for me but the only time I use wipes now is for a festival shower in direr circumstance. Instead switch out your wipes for cotton pads, this is way more gentle on your skin and should stop the skin stretching but is still pretty affordable.
  • Skincare is like brushing your teeth it should be performed twice a day, but unlike your teeth there are different things that your skin needs during the day that it doesn’t need over night. During the day your skin needs a protective layer to contend with your everyday environment and at night your skin does its heavy work to repair damage from the day before. For this reason it is worth while investing in a day creme and a night creme that you can introduce at the end of your skincare routine and help prepare your skin for the job ahead.
  • NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON. It’s so tempting, it would be so easy to just apply a fresh coat of powder the next morning and rush out the door wearing yesterdays eyebrows. But it is outrageously bad for you skin, it will case wrinkles and break out, make your skin oily and also damage your eyes if you wear heavy eye make up. So as tempting as it is when you roll in from the club at 3am smelling of Donner kebabs and the smoking area , don’t do it. Tie back your hair, wash your face and know that your future self thanks you.

Finally one thing we all know about skincare but selectively choose to ignore is the miraculous powers of SPF. Sun damage is a constant danger and one that we should all pay more attention to for health reasons as well as beauty. The skin on our face and necks is so delicate and while we might not notice it at a young age, exposure to the suns rays will help wrinkles develop and age you before your time. This advice doesn’t just apply to sunny days or summer months, it is really important to include some level of SPF protection to your daily routine. This can be achieved through moisturisers with SPF or foundations. If you live in a particularly sunny area or have very sensitive skin it is worth investing in a facial sunblock to apply daily either underneath your make up or on its own. The right sunblock can even make a great primer too.

Skincare isn’t a glamorous side of our beauty regime and quite often it can be gut wrenching to shell out a tenner for what feels like hyped up soap and water. But it makes a difference I promise.

Let me know your skin care essentials in the comments or if there are any products you have been loving recently. As I said there at least 10 other points I wanted to make here so let me know if you enjoyed the post and would like to see part two,

Catty xo


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