My Top 5 Under £5

When it comes to beauty we are all guilty of spending a little more than we can afford. We enjoy the luxurious feel of the designer brands, the smooth feel of a Bobbi Brown bronzer, the creamy finish on a MAC lipstick and the intense smell of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. But this kind of purchase just isn’t an option all the time, especially for those of us trying to look fabulous on a budget. Even when we try to keep it affordable with some the great drugstore dupes you can still be looking at shelling out well over a tenner for a liquid lip or the perfect highlight. So if like me you find it difficult to go more than a week without treatin yo’ self to a quick trip to boots, these products should go a long way to making you feel spoilt without breaking the bank.  

  1. Collection Speedy Highlighter – £3.99 Boots img_1413

This creme highlighter stick is one of my quick fixes, go to beauty products. For such a low price it has really good lasting power and avoids some of the ultra shiny glittery effects of some highlighters, making it great for a healthy day look, but can also be applied more heavily for a dressy effect. It’s really easy to apply and doesn’t cake on top of the rest of your makeup making you feel heavy. It blends really smoothly, giving you that perfect radiant look for any occasion.  

   2.  Barry M Showgirl Mascara – £4.99 Boots

I am actually guilty of using all four of the mascaras from this range to achieve a different result (this one is for lengthening but there is also a volumising and a curling) but if I had to pick just one from the range this is my favourite. The wand is excellent for separating lashes to avoid lumps while giving a good length, the wand design also makes it easy to reach all the lashes of the eye. Additionally, I really like the metal tube for the mascara, it means you can roll it between your hands to start, the warming up of the mascara allows for smoother application. Multiple coats make for a really dramatic evening look with minimal effort. 

     3. Primark Makeup Brushes – range from £1 – £4.50

img_1412I am somewhat of a collector of brushes and have a wide variety in my makeup bag. I love an oval brush, a beauty blender and real techniques. But if we are all honest we are never quite sure how we are supposed to be cleaning our brushes and we definitely don’t do it as often as we are supposed to. So our brushes don’t last forever, this is when shelling out £15 for a brush every 6 months can be quite painful. However, Primark brushes could be our white knight for this. I really like them, firstly they come in Rose gold so who doesn’t love that? They clean really nicely and aren’t a pain to replace every so often. There is such a vast selection of brushes, from foundation, to blush, to eyebrow to contour, they apply so nicely and aren’t too rough on the skin. One of my favourite things about these brushes is that it isn’t wildly decadent to own a couple of each brush, I must own at least 5 of the eyeshadow brushes. Particularly for pigmented colours its a pain to have to wash them every night if you want a different look each day, when you own more than the one you can have a dedicated brown/white/reds etc brush meaning you don’t get a messy mixed pigment application. I’m not quite ready to fully convert & throw out all my other brushes but Primark brushes are most certainly a staple on my dressing table now. 


4. Quick Fix Facials – £4.99 Boots

img_1416These are a fairly recent discovery but I have to say I am loving every second of them. One of the most basic but essential steps to upping your beauty game is looking after your skin and knowing what type of skin you have. If you don’t know your skin type or look after it, you could be sabotaging beauty regime just by buying the wrong product for your skin demands. We all love those 3 for £1 facemasks you can pick up in boots and Superdrug, but normally we just pick up whatever one we like the smell of  (always the chocolate brownie one) rather than paying attention to what our skin needs. The quick fix facials are a really good way to indulge yourself while giving your skin a bit of TLC. I have combination skin so have been using the Anti-Blemish Mud Mask, but I’ve been loving it so much I’m almost hoping my skin has some other issues so I can buy one of the other masks. You get around 10 uses per tube and they recommend using it about once a week. This product is perfect for those evening without plans, put on fluffy slippers, pop on a face mask and stick on Netflix, both you and your skin will feel better for getting some much-needed attention.  

    5. Lipcote Original Lipstick Sealer – £3.79 Amazon

img_1418This is an absolute staple in your makeup bag. There are very few things I hate more than transferring my lipstick on to every cup, glass and bottle my lips touch, especially at an event or someone else’s house. There are also very few lipsticks out there that stay true to their non-transfer description. While no product (that I have come across) is going to ensure you a perfect lip throughout the day and eating a salad or a burrito is still going to require a second coat at lunch time to avoid butt hole lip but for the most part this Lipcote offers protection against most of the days challenges to the perfect red lip. Admittedly it does work best with a matte lip but provides a solid support system to a cream sheen or a lustre finish. The Original lipstick sealer is handy, pocket size and affordable in securing a bold look that will last all day. (just to note in the picture this appears to be a bit pink in colour, it is a clear top coat I just got the brush a bit dirty). 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used and loved any of these products or let me know what would be in your top 5 

Catty xo



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